Little Dragon’s Nabuma Rubberband

After looking at several different reviews of Little Dragon’s Nabuma Rubberband, it was difficult to figure out whether this review would be out of the ordinary. Pitchfork did not seem to like the album beyond a score of 6.8 and many other music websites had reviews all over the place. But after listening to this album consistently for the past week, it is easy to see why this album is so polarizing.

This album is very much reminiscent of Alt-J’s An Awesome Wave, even though the overall sounds are different, they share that awkward blend of genres that you don’t expect to work but for some listeners clearly do. In Nabuma Rubberband, you can find essences of trip-hop, American pop, R&B and neo-soul which combine to make this funky sound with slight references to the bands Swedish origin.

Yukimi Nagano voice is crisp and as you traverse through the different songs of the album, her voice is the guiding light through it all. 

Tracks from the album that were very attention grabbing include “Let Go”, “Pretty Girl” and “Klapp Klapp”.

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Album Rate 7.9/10