Beyoncé premiers “Flawless (Remix)” feat. Nicki Minaj

On Saturday Beyoncé once again surprised us with the release of the “Flawless (Remix)” featuring Nicki Minaj via SoundCloud and The new track is hot, with a new verse from Beyonceé referencing the elevator incident. Bey was keen to point out that families have issues even if the family is worth a billion dollars. Nicki Minaj’s verse just put the hammer in the coffin, making this remix one of the best I have heard so far this year.

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Meshell Ndegeocello – Comet, Come to Me [Favorite Album of the Week]

You may or may not recognize the name Meshell Ndegeocello, but she is most notable for her record “Fool of Me” from her 1999 album Bitter, which gained popularity from the movie Love & Basketball as part of the soundtrack. Meshell has released several moderately successful albums over the years, both as a solo artist and a member of the group Rare Essence. She is an artist that the mainstream music listerner has never been completely aware of, but she does maintain a consistent and loyal following.

Ndegeocello (pronounced N-deh-gay-o-chel-o) new release Comet, Come to Me, is a hodgepodge of sounds with her voice as the only aligning driving force. As a listener, this album will provide you with rock, reggae, soul and jazz. Tracks worth focusing on as introduction to the album are “Forget My Name”, “Conviction” and the title track “Comet, Come to Me”.




1.  Friends
2.  Tom 2
3.  Good Day Bad
4.  Forget My Name
5.  And Yet It Moves
6.  Comet, Come To Me
7.  Continuous Performance
8.  Shopping For Jazz
9.  Conviction
10. Folie A Deux
11. Choices
12. Modern Time
13. American Rhapsody


The variety of sounds demonstrated throughout Comet, Come to Me is great, there just seems to be something missing.

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Sam Smith – In the Lonely Hour [Favorite Release of the Week]

Our favorite release of the week is Sam Smith‘s In the Lonely Hour. Sam Smith has gained attention from his work with Disclosure‘s “Latch” and Naughty Boy‘s “La La La”. In fact Sam Smith was not signed until after his work with Disclosure blew up like it did.

Sam Smith’s album is an album full of poppy ballads, with love and unrequited love as the main themes. The sincerity of the love themes is sometimes a little questionable, but that subjective.

Songs that particularly stand out are “Money on My Mind” and “Stay With Me”. “Money on My Mind” is a very pop oriented track that promotes the message that money is not everything and that the art of music should take precedent. For “Stay With Me” we are introduced to gospel chorus and R&B vibe.


Rating 7/10

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Nico & Vinz “Am I Wrong”

The United States music scene is very internalized. Rarely do we immediately appreciate an artist or music group when they are originally from a country that is seemingly foreign to the majority of Americans. Nico & Vinz are one of these groups.

Nico & Vinz (formerly known as Envy) are Norwegian hip-hop/pop artist. One of their biggest hits to date is “Am I Wrong”, which was released last summer. Though the song has just became available on the US iTunes, its very disturbing to find out this song is not new after hearing it on the radio for the first time this past week. The song has even been performed for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize Contest.

“Am I Wrong” is an anthem for promoting individual thought (which is why it was probably selected to perform for the Nobel Peace Prize Contest).

Am I wrong for thinking out the box from where I stay?
Am I wrong for saying that I choose another way?

Walk your walk and don’t look back, always do what you decide
Don’t let them control your life, that’s just how I feel

Vinz sings the first verse as well as the chorus on this track while Nico sings the second verse and bridge. There are obvious signs of their musical influences within the song such as African drums, Norwegian pop and American hip-hop.



Many other foreign-to-the-US artists had slow break outs, like Disclosure whose popular hit “Latch” which was released in 2012, did not gain any traction in the US market until late 2013 and now.

Music and art should flow more freely through all avenues we have. Copyright laws are important, but the United States needs to be more collaborative with other countries, otherwise Americans will continually be behind the curve when it comes to discovering new music.

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Maverick Sabre “Emotion (Ain’t Nobody)”

“Emotion (Ain’t Nobody)” is the second single off of Maverick Sabre‘s soon to be released second album. Check out the video below and see if you can guess where the chorus line “ain’t nobody” originally came from.



If you guessed Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody” you are on it.



Maverick Sabre has been on a 2 year hiatus and if this is a prediction of the music to come then this upcoming album will definitely reach heights his Lonely Are The Brave didn’t, (especially in the US).


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Little Dragon’s Nabuma Rubberband

After looking at several different reviews of Little Dragon’s Nabuma Rubberband, it was difficult to figure out whether this review would be out of the ordinary. Pitchfork did not seem to like the album beyond a score of 6.8 and many other music websites had reviews all over the place. But after listening to this album consistently for the past week, it is easy to see why this album is so polarizing.

This album is very much reminiscent of Alt-J’s An Awesome Wave, even though the overall sounds are different, they share that awkward blend of genres that you don’t expect to work but for some listeners clearly do. In Nabuma Rubberband, you can find essences of trip-hop, American pop, R&B and neo-soul which combine to make this funky sound with slight references to the bands Swedish origin.

Yukimi Nagano voice is crisp and as you traverse through the different songs of the album, her voice is the guiding light through it all. 

Tracks from the album that were very attention grabbing include “Let Go”, “Pretty Girl” and “Klapp Klapp”.

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Album Rate 7.9/10